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We know who we are, we know what we do, and we’re damn good at it. Would take your 1970 Road Runner to a lawnmower repair shop? Would you take your auto shop to a marketing agency that works with women’s hosiery, coffee and subscription diaper companies? That’s why we created Clutch. We do one thing for one industry and we do it really, really well. We help auto repair shops get new costumers.
That’s it and we love it.

What that looks
like on your end.

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Custom strategy development

Nothing is “off the shelf.” We tailor our strategies, tactics and plans to whatever your local market dictates.

Transparent reporting

Campaign management

Our team manages everything from implementation to completion. We access the most advanced tools and platforms to drive results.

Optimization and testing

No two campaigns will ever be the same, which is why we provide ongoing campaign optimizations to assure you receive the maximum return.

Measurable reporting

Each month we will provide visual reporting which clearly illustrates the conversions (calls and online appointments) we generated for your business.

What We Do – Fill Bays

Let’s fill your bays.

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